Introduction to the Enneagram: Nonprofit Leaders 2019
ASC Board Room

As we journey through our professional lives, we travel many roads, taking many twists and turns. And yet, even when we take on new projects or work with new clients, we often face the same challenges and face the same frustrations again and again. We are not curious about these twists and turns and do not recognize that each experiences-planned or serendipitous, provides us with an opportunity to understand ourselves and our leadership style at a deeper level. These experiences are an invitation for us to be present, observe ourselves, make conscious choices and lead with intention. Therefore, one of the best tools to enhance our leadership style is to be present to ourselves and the world around us.

Join us for an introduction to the Enneagram, an ancient tool with practical everyday application based on Nine personality types and their corresponding views of the world.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of how the Enneagram can be used as a tool to look at themselves at a deeper level by engaging in exercises designed to provide opportunity for them to experience each of the nine Enneagram types.
  • Learn about the basic characteristics of the nine Enneagram types including information about the three centers (Feeling, Thinking and Doing).

You will also learn about ASC’s leadership development program, Lead with Intention©, the only program in the region specializing in the use of the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness to enhance leadership.

Presenter: Angelina Corbet, The Mobius Company

Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
227 W. Trade St.
Ste. 250
Charlotte, NC 28205
United States

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